Colorado-for-Free began as a concept for a book, but ended up as a website filled with ideas for free things to see and do all over Colorado.

Best of all: all the information on the site is available for free!

Whether you are planning a vacation to Colorado, or you’re a local looking for something new to see or do, chances are you’d like to find something for free.

Some of our suggestions are “classics”: the Coors Brewery Tour and a tour of the Colorado State Capitol building, for example. Others offer a unique – and often unusual – peek into local characters: Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland and the one-man work of art called Bishop Castle near Beulah. We have free museums and food festivals, contests and races, stone carving and snow sculpting, skiing and ice climbing, classical music and a children's music park, science exhibits and story-telling. Free chocolate, free beer, free wine (or mead), free tea, free watermelon – and did we mention that all of this is Free?

So, put away your wallet, hop in the car, and let’s go explore

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