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Raw and honest storytelling...
This book was not only a fast and fun read, but it was a raw and honest telling of the ups and downs life sends our way and how the author chose to play the hand he was dealt. After reading the first few chapters describing his troubled childhood and youth, I would never have expected him to pull away from a life of delinquency and lawbreaking to later become a successful alpinist, husband and friend to many. In fact, I found these early, candid anecdotes to be jaw-dropping...(read more)

From the Depths to the Heights - a long, hard climb
Because I am a mountaineer, I have read other of Charlie Winger's books, so I knew his work would be well written, accurate and often funny... Wow! I am also a psychologist and part of my work is with juveniles, detained at our facility while on their way to prison. As I read, I thought a lot about a youngster I worked with for a year and a half. He was incarcerated when he was 14--"doing stupid stuff"--and has now, at 18, left the Juvenile Detention Center to complete his sentence elsewhere... I have bought another copy of "Two Shadows" which I will send to him ... Thank you to the author, thank you for publishing this fine book!(read more)

A Great Read
As a mountaineer, I loved this book because it was so obviously written by a climber -- not some armchair travel writer. The trip descriptions that fill the middle of the book are littered with the foibles, accidents, screw-ups, and unexpected encounters that always seem to accompany complex adventures in distant places. They keep the book lively and unpredictable, and Winger describes them in what can only be described as his own voice...(read more)

Across Many Decades
Far too often, autobiographies are written before the entire story has been told. Famous people droning on about how they became famous when they are still fairly young. Two Shadows, however, is written the way an autobiography is meant to be and is a much more compelling story than those frequently offered by the rich and famous...(read more)

Inspiring Adventure
Two Shadows takes you on a journey from a childhood no young boy should have to endure to a positive, uplifting adult life that is to be admired. Until I read Charlie Winger's book, Two Shadows, I thought I had seen the world, or at the very least, the most unforgettable places. I now know I have only traveled the perimeters...(read more)

Charlie Winger, the author and the subject of the book, takes you on his inspirational journey from a truly miserable childhood in Chicago and Kansas to his life as a petty criminal, to a five year stint behind bars and finally to that of a white collar worker and world-class mountaineer....(read more)